Category: Gongs

Gong of 34 inches – wind G – SOLD

This colourful instrument has a definite wind gong sound on G with many secondary harmonics. Check the video out !

Gong of 32 inches Deep Sea – SOLD

This is the latests addition to the gong family, a 32 inch steel gong with plenty of deep natural sounding vibration on a buzzing C#. Just amazing presence with a

Massive 54 inch gong with a Balinese style nipple – Everest – SOLD

This custom order came in last minute from the great ENSEMBLE / PARALLAX a USA based CONTEMPORARY MUSIC & MULTIMEDIA CONSORT directed by Peyman Farzinpour. It was a pleasure discussing

Kali, Shiva & Ganesh – SOLD

Here we are with a release of 3 gongs for Carmen and her soon to open yoga studio in Ontario – all in all – those steel gongs are unreal

34 inch wind gong – Blue Moon by DÔ – SOLD

This was a custom order for Cher Sum Love, a Ontario healer with many talents and services ! This 34 inch wind gong had the full moon, Cher’s cancer astrology

34 inch wind gong – Iris by DÔ – SOLD

Fresh out of the shop this new 34 inch wind gong named Iris. It boosters a rich low G0 on the front side and a clear G2 on the back