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Our mini DÔMEpans are made out of allowed steel sheets of 0.95 to 1.15 mm thickness and currently testing stainless steel materials. The process used to make the shell’s shape is by deep-draw, spinning and hand hammered ;-) We currently dont have hydro formed shells but 2019 will see this happen ;-)

The shells are raw shaped with notes fields and dimples where a first heat treatment by torch is applied until steel starts becoming light blue. Then the shells are fine hammered where the note are positioned prior to the second heat treatment. Rust protection, case hardening and organic harmonics are obtained by the application of natural oil and shellacs once the shell his dark blue. It’s the linseed oil that give the artistic brown patterns.

Further more, you will be able to experience first hand some of our prototypes during JF-RisingSun’s introductions events here in Ottawa / Gatineau. You will be able to rent some of the better prototype instrument for a week to practice your ‘tap’ as we have come to realize most people need lots of practice before striking a handpan but some people are just naturals at it ;-)

We strongly recommend you practice how to snap a note before hitting it like a Djembe ! A quick snap or tap, as if you wanted to touch a hot oven is the way to go ;-) As such, the mini’s with their low introduction cost, are excellent practice handpans before making the leap forward to get a bigger more expensive instruments.

Handpan 16 inches in G# – SOLD

This great little instruments of 16 inches was picked up by an Ontario client, it has 5 notes including the top main note, also has a small note up front

Handpan mini 16 inches G# – SOLD

Here is a new mini with that thicker material where i was able lr lower the main top note to fancy a deeper overall soung. It’s in G# pentatonics, so

Mini 16 inch – Handpan F# – SOLD

Here is the latests mini handpan of 16 inches. The top main note is a bit high but the overall sound is interesting. So i guess its a mini soprano

Handpan – mini 16” in E pentatonic – SOLD

This mini has one of my second batch of prototypes and found a warm place to retire. The instrument as 5 notes in E pentatonic scale and is a fun

Midnight Blues mini handpan 16” (40cm) – SOLD

Baptisé ‘Midnight Blue’ ce premier handpan mini de 16” ou 40cm a vue le jour comme prototype de coquille épaisse a 1.2mm. Les surface de notes ont dus êtres amincies