Handpan – mini 16” in E pentatonic – SOLD

This mini has one of my second batch of prototypes and found a warm place to retire. The instrument as 5 notes in E pentatonic scale and is a fun

Massive 54 inch gong with a Balinese style nipple – Everest – SOLD

This custom order came in last minute from the great ENSEMBLE / PARALLAX a USA based CONTEMPORARY MUSIC & MULTIMEDIA CONSORT directed by Peyman Farzinpour. It was a pleasure discussing

Kali, Shiva & Ganesh – SOLD

Here we are with a release of 3 gongs for Carmen and her soon to open yoga studio in Ontario – all in all – those steel gongs are unreal

RisingSun a 46 inch wind gong – SOLD

There is great sound deep in that gong – it has a brush metal finish and is beeswax coated for rust protection. Pickup preferred or delivery in Ottawa/Gatineau

34 inch wind gong – Blue Moon by DÔMEpans.com – SOLD

This was a custom order for Cher Sum Love, a Ontario healer with many talents and services ! This 34 inch wind gong had the full moon, Cher’s cancer astrology

Midnight Blues mini handpan 16” (40cm) – SOLD

Baptisé ‘Midnight Blue’ ce premier handpan mini de 16” ou 40cm a vue le jour comme prototype de coquille épaisse a 1.2mm. Les surface de notes ont dus êtres amincies

Bare shell / Coquille nue

These shell are low carbon steel and have no treatment applied to them. The shell is made by spinning method. Limited quantities, inquire before buying. This diagram shows the dimensions

Tuning Ring / Anneau d’accordage

These rings are bent on the easy / flat side and give a great shell connection and strong pinching point. We use 1” x 1/4” steel flat bar for both

34 inch wind gong – Iris by DÔMEpans.com – SOLD

Fresh out of the shop this new 34 inch wind gong named Iris. It boosters a rich low G0 on the front side and a clear G2 on the back