How to care for your instrument

Steel instruments are prone to some surface rusting is exposed to high humidity such as in a car over night. Here is how we finish and maintain our instruments :

Private sound emmersions

Having an event and want to raise the vibrations ? JF-Risingsun is available for gongs & handpan sound immersion. 2-3 hours of sound bath experience for 250$ Ottawa and surrounding

Rental – Location

Visiting in town and want a unique instrument experience ? Just want to try before you buy ? Want to impress for that school presentation ? Well we offer Gongs,

Tuning services / Accordage mise-à-la-note

Do you own a handpan, steel drum or any other metal base instrument that is out of tune ? Did you damage your instrument or your best friend has a

Handpan 16 inches in G# – SOLD

This great little instruments of 16 inches was picked up by an Ontario client, it has 5 notes including the top main note, also has a small note up front

Gong of 34 inches – wind G – SOLD

This colourful instrument has a definite wind gong sound on G with many secondary harmonics. Check the video out !

Gong of 32 inches Deep Sea – SOLD

This is the latests addition to the gong family, a 32 inch steel gong with plenty of deep natural sounding vibration on a buzzing C#. Just amazing presence with a

Handpan mini 16 inches G# – SOLD

Here is a new mini with that thicker material where i was able lr lower the main top note to fancy a deeper overall soung. It’s in G# pentatonics, so

Mini 16 inch – Handpan F# – SOLD

Here is the latests mini handpan of 16 inches. The top main note is a bit high but the overall sound is interesting. So i guess its a mini soprano

Handpan – mini 16” in E pentatonic – SOLD

This mini has one of my second batch of prototypes and found a warm place to retire. The instrument as 5 notes in E pentatonic scale and is a fun