• Do-it-yourself video

We plan on selling a detailed video explaining how you can start making your own instruments with a tuning ring and 2 shells. We recommend you by a DIY kit and join one of our handpan workshops but if your like me and just work better on your own then get the video (on sale soon).

Here are the basic steps we found to be effective in making your homemade handpan. The quality of your instrument will depend on you skills as a maker and eventually as a tuner. Be patient and learning is blissful !

  1. Buy or make your shells (x2)
  2. Buy or make a tuning ring for your shell diameter
  3. Make a hole in one of the shell's with a 2 inch hole-saw, then using the ball point hammer of 2.5lbs round inwards the hole until you can fit your hand in there. Clean the edge. You just made your GU side 😉
  4. Draw the other shell with your desired tone fields, keep things simple and choose a scale of 6 notes max. + Ding.
  5. Place the Ding shell into your ring and hammer with a rubber mallet of 2 inchs diam. each notes. When hammering use the  Tune!it app to help find the main (1st) sounding note on that field. Make all tone field with 1st as required by your scale then add the dimple to stabilize your not and ease fine tuning. You just made your Ding side 😉
  6. Time for the fist cook, place both shells in the oven at 250F for about 10 mins. During your fist cook make sure to clean the shell with alcohol and if you would like art then add oil with a brush. Be creative and dont put much, no dips.
  7. Using Tune!it fine tune the 1st, 2sd and 5th into your note fields.
  8. Cook again.