Here at Domepans we work with various types of metals to accomplish a full range of diversified sounds. Taking care of your instrument is fairly straight forward as metals are none porous materials, they just require a damp cloth with a bit of dish washing soap to clear natural oils off them. Using solvent based products is not recommended, especially on instruments with a design. Light rust spots can be rubbed gently with a dish washing abrasive pad.

Gongs are shellac coated and should be protected from rusting. Over time you might have to re-coat it. Use natural shellac clear finish from you hardware store.

Shellac is an amazing natural product that enhances most harmonics due to the nature of its hardness.


If your handpan is of raw metal with no paints or designs on it, then you can us some turtle wax paste. Gives a nice soft tone to the instruments and keeps them from rusting too much. If you don't want to do the whole instrument. Then just do small areas where rust is starting to form. This product contains solvents that evaporate so it's not recommended for painted instruments.