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20" Elite Series 440hz D-Minor - 8 notes

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Introducing this great smaller, portable instrument of 19 inches that boost an impressive sustain now in 440Hz. The Mini Elite Series made from stainless steel will be a cheerful addition with it's 8 notes long sustain.

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The perfect size to reach all the 8 notes and yet an amazing sound presence.

Lets listen to this instrument in D-Minor mini :



FEATURES of this instrument :
シ Very portable and fit naturally on the laps.
シ They boost many different scales, please ask so we can figure out your needs.
シ Price includes a soft carry bag with 1/2 inch padding.

シ Material is 1.1mm stainless steel.
シ 8 notes D/ A, A#, D, E, F, G, A tune in 440hz
シ Tone is bright, clear on clear and extra long sustain.
シ Well suited for home, studio and yes perhaps busking.