I am currently on vacation and products from my shop will be unavailable for next few months. Thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.
Back for more vibration on steel in mid-may !

Apprenticeship Program

$12,000.00 +tax

This unique opportunity to learn how to play, fabricate and restore handpans will take you to your next level. It would allow you after 5 months to start your own instrument building shop or go work for any other maker out there !



This apprenticeship requires no previous skills. All are welcome to apply. Limited space to 2 per year and is a one to one sessions. Next session starting Sept. 15th till Dec. 15th 2020


How this works :

  • Willing to travel / live in Gatineau morning and evening from Tuesday till Thursday every week for 4 months.
  • You should pay the full amount up front as there is now half way learning experiences offered, leaving before the end will not get you a refund.


What you need for this to work :

  • Passion and patience, like you have never experience before, learning to tune steel is a life changing thing - be prepared !


What you will learn :

  • The history of the steel instrument, gongs, handpan, and many more related to understanding percussive sounds.
  • How to play the handpan and gongs.
  • You will learn how to work with steel, grinding, welding and metal fabrication.
  • How to make your own tools and what tools are needed to make steel instruments.
  • You will learn how to use your tool safely and efficiently.
  • You will learn how to tune all materials, metal as well as clay and wood.
  • Understanding how a business is run and how to properly deal with clients


As you can see, once you complete the 5 months session you will need only to practice your new skills. There will be a 30 days consulting and advice grace period during the next 6 months after your apprenticeship is completed. You will be able to come back to the shop, ask questions and get my help on your own project.

They are other details surly to this offer but that is the general idea, send me a letter describing why this apprenticeship is for you.