Elite Series — 9 notes in Kird — 440Hz

$1,599.00 +tax

Introducing the new Elite Series handpan, boasting a bright sound sustained with a nice resonances due to its standard 22 inches diameter and thicker shells.
Beginners will appreciate the instant ease in playing – very gratifying experiences await you – start your journey today !

Ready to ship in 10-12 weeks ! 

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These instruments boast an impressive presence with their dark gold marble finish.
The notes are in the classic iteration on D minor (A Phrygian Mode) or Kird. This is the most popular handpan scale as it can be played slow and melancholic or fast and uplifting.

Yours to explore, listen to it's sounds :


FEATURES of this instrument :
シ Artistic marble brown / gold/ black finish.
シ Tone is bright, clear on clear and extra long sustain.
シ Shipping to Canada included.
シ Included is a soft carry bag.
シ Free re-tune down the road.

シ 22-1/2 inches with material of 1.1mm in stainless steel.
シ Tone is bright, clear and long sustain on all notes including the top Ding.
シ Well suited for home & studio maybe for busking / beach but with caution.

Additional information

Tuning options

440hz, 432hz