Elite Series — 9 notes in F low Pygmy — 440Hz

$1,699.00 +tax

Introducing the new Elite Series handpan of 1.2mm, boasting a bright sound sustained by nice resonances due to its standard 22 inches diameter.
Beginners will appreciate the instant ease in playing – very gratifying experiences await you – start your journey today !

Ready to ship in 10-12 weeks ! 

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These instruments boast an impressive presence with their dark black & gold marble finish.
The notes are in the Pygmy iteration with this progression (F) G Ab C Eb F G Ab C (9 notes)

Comes with a soft 5mm padded bag for basic transportation – always handle with care as these are easy to dint and would affect the sound quality - well suited for beginners. Experts should look for a Nitrided instrument.



FEATURES of this instrument :
シ They boost many different scales, please ask so we can figure out your needs.
シ Price includes a soft carry bag with 1/2 inch padding.

シ 22 inches with material of 1.2mm in stainless steel.
シ Tone is bright, clear on clear and extra long sustain.
シ Well suited for home & studio maybe for busking.

Additional information

Tuning options

440hz, 432hz