Handpan at 440hz D-Minor / Kird - 10 notes

$1,399.00 +tax

Introducing this great smaller, portable instrument of 20 inches that boost an impressive sustain now in 440Hz. The Mini Elite Series made from stainless steel will be a cheerful addition with it's 10 notes. Start your steel vibration exploration today !

Ready to ship in 2-3 days !

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The perfect size to reach all the 10 notes and yet an amazing sound presence. This "mini" will be the new standard, it's much easier to carry around, the 20" shells provide a stiffer structure than the popular 22" and still keeping a excellent long sustain. Very percussive instrument with a unique to each instrument deep marble brown / black / gold looks.

Lets listen to this instrument in D-Minor mini :



FEATURES of this instrument :
シ Very portable and fit naturally on the laps.
シ They boost a strong D-minor scale presence.
シ Price includes a soft carry bag with 1/2 inch padding.

シ Material is 1.1mm  stainless steel. 20" shells
シ 10 notes D/ A, A#, C, D, E, F, G, A, C tune in 440hz
シ Tone is bright, clear on clear and medium long sustain.
シ Well suited for home, studio and yes perhaps busking.