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Handpan – Mini – 16 – Inches – 440hz in G#

$599.00 +tax

This is a 16” mini handpan ready to ship. Has 6 main notes, a must have for professional percussionist and beginners on the go ! Fun versatile steel drum.

Ready it ship in 2-3 days.




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The mini series has the tiny 16” handpan and offers unique steel drum like sounds – mid way drum / handpan. This particular instrument manages to have 5 notes all arroung and a top note in G# making it a Pentatonic scale. Take this one every where you go !

シ Unique ultra small handpan !

シ Fine tuned to 440Hz

シ Great percussion sounds !

シ Shipping to Canada included, no soft bag but can be purchased separately.

If you chose to return the instrument then a 100$CAD fee will be applied to you refund.
As always, you can return your instrument for a re-tuning at a minimal cost.