Handpan mini — 16” with 6 notes

$650.00 +tax

This tiny handpan is well suited for children and people who wish to learn how to play. It also fits nicely into a backpack for that easy to carry around experience. In D Pentatonic Minor at 432hz ( D / F , G , A , C , D )

Ready to ship in 4-5 weeks !

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The mini handpan boasts an authentic and generally shorter tone, ready for your jam sessions with its 6 notes, suitable for Pentatonic scales of 5 notes +1. The most popular are in D, G or A, but all are available. Please tell us you preference at checkout.

We prefer to tune at 432hz to better align with the natural frequencies present on this planet. If you plan on doing many jams with other instruments and prefer it tuned at the standard 440hz, then please mention this at checkout.

Example of Pentatonic 5 notes scale + 1 :

    • top E4 / G4, A4, B4, D5 (E5) bottom B5

If you chose to return the instrument then a 100$CAD fee will be applied to you refund.
As always, you can return your instrument for a re-tuning at a minimal cost.