Handpan - Kirtan Series — mini 16” handpan with 3 notes + 2 tones

$399.00 +tax

Introducing the Kirtan Series of steel instruments where the focus is on fewer notes with more harmonics. Great for drone type playing and meditation.

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This small 16-inch handpan is extremely responsive to touch with its three big notes. Beginners will appreciate the immediate easy harmonics - experts will want a full chromatic scale set. We prefer to tune at 432hz to better align with the natural frequencies present on this planet. If you plan on doing many jams with other instruments and prefer it tuned at the standard 440hz, then please mention this at checkout.

The three note options are :

- the fundamental (ex.: F#)
- its 4th note (ex.:B)
- its 5th note (ex.:C#)

DOMEpan is happy to provide the affordable path to your journey into steel vibrations. The Kirtan Series has other sweet instruments such as Gongs and Drums. Check out my other listings.

As always, your purchase comes with one free re-tuning if needed.