SteelPan C Lead of 29 notes with stand 440Hz

$699.00 +tax

Original SteelPan strait from the Caribbean seas, this quality instrument has been re-tuned and is ready for your steel drum explorations. It's a 'C lead' scale of tuning at 440Hz. Excellent starter pan.

Ready to ship in 4-6 days



The general tones are nicely blended with a rich harmonic presence, a light tap from the supplied mallets will brighten your horizons. There are 29 notes in a classic C-lead layout with a blend of 4th and 5ths harmonics :

  • 1st row sees octave 4 notes
  • 2nd row sees octave 5 notes
  • central notes hold octave 6's


Its 23 inches in diameter, good material synergy to hold harmonics, very responsive, the rim is about 8 inches deep and the chrome is of good quality - no rust.

Comes with a stand that folds into the case and a sturdy older black carry case. Free shipping in Canada

This instrument is sold with fresh re-tuned notes and you may call upon us for future adjustments. Players should not play hard the notes as they resonate with a light mallet tap.

If you chose to return the instrument then a 100$CAD fee will be applied to you refund.
As always, you can return your instrument for a re-tuning at a minimal cost.