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Tribal Series 24" B major handpan - 8 notes 440hz

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Excellent "on a budget" instrument ! You will love discovering it's different tones. Good for busking and outdoors in general.

Ask about other Tribals Series for rent !

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The Tribal Series handpans are made out of raw 2mm thick steel, heat treated 2-3 times and have a metal blue patina. The sounds produced by the raw steel is very similar to natural skin drums making them a unique instrument in the handpan world.

Experienced percussionist will appreciate discovering it’s sounds as they merge with the instruments hidden tones. The 2mm shells make this instrument ideal for busking and world travellers. The tuning is easy to access by any steel tuner. The raw steel is much cheaper material and thus the price being lower.

With is 23 inch diameter and raw thicker material, this instrument is well suited jamming sessions.



FEATURES of this instrument :
シ They boost many different scales, please ask so we can figure out your needs.
シ 24 inches with material of 2mm in raw steel.
シ Tone is bright, drum like  and medium long sustain.
シ Well suited for outdoors, rhythm shoulder players.

No carry bag included.