We are proud to be able to create beautiful and unique instruments that we hope you will cherish for years. We give them all our time and attention and send them away  to our customers only when we have a heartfelt feeling of completion. Because our steel musical instruments cost a fair bit to ship, are made to order and we are a small shop: The return policy is that taxes, import fees and shipping costs are the buyers responsibility.

  • Import taxes and duties are the buyer's responsibility. Canadian buyers don't have to worry about surprise fees. Clients from other countries should verify with their shipping provider.

  • Return shipping costs are the buyer's responsibility in all countries (including Canada).

  • In general, (safe special occasions) we do not accept returns for any reason from buyers outside of Canada.


In the VERY unlikely event your instrument was damaged during transport, you have 10 days to contact us and return it in it's original box and with all it's contents. Because we use a styrofoam padded box from our shell supplier, unless the box was ripped open or crushed, transport damage is highly unlikely.

Since we send and get you to approve a sound sample BEFORE shipping your order, returns based on 'dislike' of the instruments are subject to our rental fee agreement. Rental fee is 1/10th (10%)  of the items purchase full value. Therefore, we suggest you enjoy your instrument for the minimum 30 days rental and return it at your own cost to us if you aren't satisfied. Then we will evaluate the instrument for mise-use or damage as there may be re-tuning fees applied to your refund. So if you paid 1000$ for an instrument, your refund would be 900$ minus any re-tuning fees and you must pay the return shipping. Please label as return product.

We re-tune our instruments for a fee that is usually 125$-250$, regardless of your being the original owner or not. You must pay for the shipping fees both ways though.