The rental programme is an excellent way to enjoy expensive musical instruments. Gong, handpans and other steel base instruments require constant fine tuning for professional performers. If you are a  beginner, then it be nice to try one for a couple of months before paying the high acquisition costs. Music schools will benefit this unique opportunity by allowing many students to explore at a low cost. Being able to exchange your instrument for a different scale or if you are in town for a couple of days ... Rental is the thing for you !

How this works :

1 ) You must purchase the instrument at its retail value, check my store for prices.

2 ) If you keep the instrument 12 months then you own it - congratulation !

3 ) Minimum monthly fee is 1/10th of the instruments retail value.

So for example, Eliza rents a Elite Series D minor 9 notes handpan in my store for 1400$ specifying she would like to rent it. She plays it for 3 months and decides it's time to move on. She would like to return the instrument, since she had it for three months the cost would be 1400$/10 = 140$ per months, so 420$. She would get a return credit of 980$ that could be applied to a new purchase with us, assuming there is no damage to the instrument - re-turning is fee is 65$ per hour.

Rental are possible if you are not in close proximity to my shop. Domepans would ship the instrument once, then the return shipping would be at your cost - Canada Post has great rates.

Interested in renting a gong or handpan ? Go ahead send us your info via the contact form.