DOMEpan is a Canadian-based artist atelier where metal takes on unique shapes and some even sing !

JF-RisingSun has been at the helm of his small business as a blacksmith for 20 years and would like to invite you to explore vibrations on steel by beginning your journey today with one of his handcrafted instruments. He offers Gongs, Handpans and percussive accessories of many shapes and sizes –  tuned until your hearth’s content … or you don’t have to buy !

Visiting the atelier is the best way to experience his sound offering if you live in the Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto areas. If not, he offers affordable shipping throughout North America. He can also repair & re-tune most metal instruments such as Handpans, Rav Vast Drums, Tongue Drums, Gongs, Cymbals, Singing Bowls, Cowbells, etc …

Most people find steel vibrations to be meditative and when properly tuned to low natural frequencies such as his 432Hz instruments, to be your gateway to a healthier lifestyle.