Do you own a handpan, steel drum or any other metal base instrument that is out of tune ? Did you damage your instrument or your best friend has a heavy hand. Did you get one of those imported low cost handpans and its too expensive to return for tuning ... Well there is a good chance we can fix it or make it sound better.

ALWAYS contact the maker of your instrument and ask them first before trying to re-tune it! Most makers will void your warranty if you temper with the tuning.

We tune with Harmonic Tuner by Grain Apps, this Android app. gives precise readings of the note's sound.

If your thinking of re-tuning an instrument then take a screen capture of each note, then send them to us and we will give you an estimate. Re-tuning fees vary but are usually 125$-250$ + your shipping cost both ways. We have boxes for sale if you need one -> HERE

If you are a musician and would like to learn the basics of fine tuning your instrument - that could be possible. You might not be able to be a talented tuner but you will learn how your instrument's notes are feeling 😉

We have 'practice' handpans that are perfect for learning how to make a note. Don't try it on your own instrument !

For those interested in making their own instrument in my shop then you should read carefully this makers technical page -> HERE 😉

Is your handpan showing sign of harmonic decay ? It's very likely that the top shell has transferred its general tension to the lower shell. If you think about it - it's only logical for steel to transfer it's tensions to the lower shell after 1000's of taps on top... and most the time the lower shell is not fine tuned so it will start emitting audible dissonant harmonics that interact in a poor way with the top fine tuned note fields.

The first thing to do is to push back that loaded lower tension into the top shell. Using a small flat hammer (hard rubber or steel tape wrapped), gently, but firmly tap from the inside the flat inner GU.

This is an amazing fine tuning tip and very safe for your tuned top note fields. Your welcome, glad I'm able to bring the vibrant joy back into your precious instrument 😉