How we build our handpans

Recently PanArt® has been organising it's patented rights regarding the ideas and concepts it has developed. Read Are the instruments of PANArt legally protected?

At DOMEpan we are happy to be able to participate in the development and contribute new ideas in regards to the making of steel instruments. We also hope to be able to create metal sounds outside of legal issues - as unique art. We respect the recent claims by Panart® and too that effect wish to join our fellow makers from Switzerland in their peacefully resolved.

Going forward, our instrument will have the top note shaped concave, typically call an 'inni' and also the bottom hole will be made off centre for instrument of 18, 20 and 22''. We think the mini 16'' is a different type of handpan and also the 24'' 'monster pan' so those we will keep free artistic interpretation of the copy rights.