Tuning services & pairing

Do you own a handpan, steel drum or any other metal-based instrument that is out of tune? Did you damage your instrument or was your best friend a little heavy handed? Did you get one of those imported low-cost handpans and find it's too expensive to return for tuning? Well there is a good chance we can fix it or make it sound better.

ALWAYS contact the maker of your instrument and ask them first before trying to re-tune it! Most makers will void your warranty if you tamper with their instruments.

"I was away fishing until yesterday and what a surprise to get home and pan here early.  It looks and sounds wonderful !!!!!!!   Thank you so much !!" Cat (retune first gen. BaliSteel drum)

If you own one of our instruments, make sure to ask for your free re-tuning! Otherwise, contact us so we can discuss the repair/re-tuning cost for your instrument. Take note that not all materials can be returned to their 'original' tones. It's natural for the tensions in the steel to dissipate and since most re-tunes are done out of the tuning ring, it's very likely the notes will have a weaker sound level. This is particularly true for blue nitrided instrument, they have a steel tone to them that becomes more audible.

Many musicians would like to play several handpans at once, Pairing the tuning becomes very important. Thus sending your instruments over together for me to adjust so that their overall harmonic resonances match is also something JF-Risingsun can offer.