Tuning Ring / Anneau d’accordage

These rings are bent on the easy / flat side and give a great shell connection and strong pinching point. We use 1” x 1/4” steel flat bar for both the ring and tab. Bolts included – no stand but easy to work with. These rings are made to match our shells of 21 inch.

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Private sound emmersionsPrivate sound emmersions

Having an event and want to raise the vibrations ? JF-Risingsun is available for gongs & handpan sound immersion. 2-3 hours of sound bath experience for 250$ Ottawa and surrounding areas …. like 100km radius. If further out then plan for travel expenses extra fees.    

How we build our handpansHow we build our handpans

Recently PanArt® has been organising it’s patented rights regarding the ideas and concepts it has developed. Read Are the instruments of PANArt legally protected? At DOMEpan we are happy to be able to participate in the development and contribute new ideas in regards to the making of steel instruments. We