Tuning Ring / Anneau d’accordage

These rings are bent on the easy / flat side and give a great shell connection and strong pinching point. We use 1” x 1/4” steel flat bar for both the ring and tab. Bolts included – no stand but easy to work with. These rings are made to match our shells of 21 inch.

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Bare shell / Coquille nueBare shell / Coquille nue

These shell are low carbon steel and have no treatment applied to them. The shell is made by spinning method. Limited quantities, inquire before buying. This diagram shows the dimensions : Notes : It’s possible to get nitrating treatment but at this moment i have not ordered any. If you


DOMEpan is a Canadian-based artist atelier where metal takes on unique shapes and some even sing !   JF-RisingSun has been at the helm of his small business as a blacksmith for 20 years and would like to invite you to explore vibrations on steel by beginning your journey today