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Kali, Shiva & Ganesh – SOLD

Here we are with a release of 3 gongs for Carmen and her soon to open yoga studio in Ontario – all in all – those steel gongs are unreal 😉 Dimple are very strong in this series and add interesting dial tones.


  • One 28 inch Ganesh gong with a dominant D2 but side kick E2 – 650$
  • One 34 inch Shiva gong with a dominant G1 – 750$
  • One 46 inch Kali gong with a dominant G0 backed by a solid C1 harmonics – 1100$

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DOMEpan is a Canadian-based artist atelier where metal takes on unique shapes and some even sing !   JF-RisingSun has been at the helm of his small business as a blacksmith for 20 years and would like to invite you to explore vibrations on steel by beginning your journey today